www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu special offer

The www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu special offers are supplied for the Telegraph newspaper offers by Selective Marketplace. As we don’t work for the Selective Marketplace or the Telegraph newspaper we’ll also let you know if you can buy the same item for less or a better alternative from another website.

Look for the item you’re after from the list below and click on the link.

  • Silver cleaning Plate – from £8.27 on Amazon
  • Collins Speaking Reference Library – £100.94 from Amazon
  • Hi-Fi System – better range + record to CD from MySmartBuy
  • Aluminium RFID Wallet – cheaper on Amazon


  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1150
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1151
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1152
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1153
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1154
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1155
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1156
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1157
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1158
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1159
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1140
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1141
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1142
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1143
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1144
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1145
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1146
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1147
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1148
  • www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/vu1149

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