Transfer those old slides and 35mm film to an SD card without using a PC for only £59.95 with the www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/tlu19 special offer.

The Neostar slide and 35mm scanner is provided for the www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/tlu19 offer by My Smart Buy and you can buy direct from them for the same price of £59.95 with free delivery (click here to buy)

No one likes to drag out the slide projector and screen so why not transfer them to digital with the neostar slide scanner and look at your slides on a TV, digital photo frame or copy them onto a PC or laptop.

The scanner is easy to use and takes justa few seconds to scan each flide with its 5mp sensor.  It comes with a 1GB SD memory card which will store up to 1000 images. You can preview your images on the 2.4″ screen and flip  or rotate the slides you put in upside down or back to front. If you want to transfer your images to a PC for storage then you can use a USB cable to drag and drop them over from the SD card to your PC or mac.

Buy the Neostar film and slide scanner from the www.shop.telegraph.co.uk/tlu19 offer or buy direct from the supplier using the link above.

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